Get notified when things happen in WordPress

Receive notifications in Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, or Email.

Choose how you are notified…

Microsoft Teams

…and what you are notified about

  • Post Published
  • Post Updated
  • Post Pending
  • Post Scheduled
  • Post Draft
  • Post Trashed
  • Page Published
  • Page Updated
  • Page Pending
  • Page Scheduled
  • Page Draft
  • Page Trashed
  • Custom Post Type Published
  • Custom Post Type Updated
  • Custom Post Type Pending
  • Custom Post Type Scheduled
  • Custom Post Type Draft
  • Custom Post Type Trashed
  • New Comments
  • New Users
  • Admin Logins
  • Failed Admin Logins
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Plugin Activation
  • Plugin Deactivation
  • Theme Updates
  • Theme Changes
  • And More…


Akira Leir (AkiraLeir)
Akira Leir (AkiraLeir)
Useful plugin with active development
Very clean plugin and the output to the services is impeccable. Though, like another reviewer said, being able to edit the messages sent to the services would be a very welcome addition.
July 16, 2021
Great plugin
This is great plugin and hope to see some custom edit on notification & post type, looking forward to use it more in near future
February 14, 2021
Great plugin!
Replaces the old "discord post" thingy, amazing plugin! You guys deserve more installs. Thanks!
February 2, 2021